Eco Solutions: Reusable Soya Wax Wraps

Reusable vegan soya wax wraps

These charming reusable zero-waste soya wax food wraps are made in Wales, UK using sustainably sourced cotton. They are coated in soya wax making them 100% vegan and of course they are completely plastic-free. Many wax wraps on the market use bees wax, but we have found soya wax wraps to be just as effective.

They help to keep food fresh by allowing it to breathe naturally without drying out, and you avoid the toxins or microplastics associated with using plastic containers or film. With the correct care they can last around 1 year. After that you can either re-coat the wax yourself or if the material is worn then cut into pieces for your home compost. If your local recycling area has an organic section, you can put them in the organic waste bins.

Now is the time to say goodbye to cling film or plastic wrap in your kitchen.

They come in a pack of three to include these sizes:
1 x 30x30cm
1 x 25x25cm
1 x 18x22cm

So, you have a size for each eventuality. Due to each wrap being handmade by a small business, there might be some variation in exact measurements from pack to pack.

They can be used to cover bowls of food, or wrap your cheeses, or as sandwich wraps for those daily packed lunches. You can even shape the wraps into small pots or bowls to hold some nibbles while out and about, at the beach or on a picnic. We currently have a variety of designs to choose from as well so simply pick your favourite and look out for new designs every few months.

The item goes perfectly with our stainless steel lunch boxes, reusable water bottles and bamboo spork for the perfect plastic-free lunch or picnic. Have a look at our ‘Out and About’ range today.

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