Environmental Anxiety and Trying to Stay Positive

Environmental protest sign
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com 
I’ve been trying to avoid social media over the last few days because in the left-wing eco echo chamber I have inadvertently created, all I seem to see is post after post of how many things are wrong with the world right now. Most recently it’s been the devastating forest fires of the Amazon, supposedly started on purpose by a group of pro-Bolsonaro farmers who want to destroy the lungs of the planet for mass farming.

Prior to that, and within this week, I have seen posts about suicidal walruses who are throwing themselves off cliffs because their once icy breeding grounds are no longer there. And then there’s the usual and more frequent posts I often see about plastic pollution, whales and turtles and all manner or other wildlife with with stomachs full of plastic, whales and dolphins still struggling in their plight against miserable and life-shortening captivity, displaced orangutans in Indonesia losing their habitats to the growing production of palm oil, mass extinction of bees, giraffes being added to the endangered animal list, it goes on and on…

Then I’m wondering if I should be concerned about 5G that’s already available to connect to where I live and I can see the new towers from my window…

I have become so down with what a friend called “Enviornmental Anxiety” that I have wanted to shut it out, rather than learn more and try even harder to do something about it. I have signed petitions, I have shared content online and worked hard to promote our eco business, but I am still asking myself what good it will all do.

However, thankfully there remains a flicker of hope in me that refuses to dim.  

The world at the moment seems to represent, with frightening similarity, the “heroes and villains” concept seen in stories and cartoons alike, that we were so fervently brought up on. There’s always a villain who is plotting for world domination, and a hero who fights to save the human race. The Bolsanos, Trumps and even Johnsons of the world actually ARE those evil villains and they actually ARE plotting for world domination. So it’s up to us, the heroes of this story, to continue the good fight and save the planet and, therefore, the human race. It’s not going to be easy, but I believe by the power of Greyskull, we have the power!

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