Manilva's Luna Llena Party and the Environment

Fiesta de luna llena sabinillas

Every year in July or August on the beach in Sabinillas we are treated to another big beach party in the name of celebrating the full moon. Some of the traditions for the night include music, fire shows, candles and lights, everyone dressed in white etc. This year the event will take place on Saturday 21st July 2018 from 20.30pm on Sabinillas' main Paseo Marítimo.

In previous years it has been tradition to release lanterns into the sky at midnight. However, these have been thought to be at risk of starting campo fires and so were banned. Last year in 2017 white balloons were on sale with LED lights inside so that party-goers could buy them and release them at midnight instead.

Whilst this of course looked very pretty, it was an eco-warrior's worst nightmare and I shuddered to think of the debris that later landed in the ocean in the form of popped balloons and the little LED lights, none of which will biodegrade fully and much of which could harm marine and bird life in our surrounding seas.

With that in mind, the team at Eco Passion asked the Manilva council's Environment Department what was planned for this year's Fiesta de Luna LLena. We are pleased to report that this year there has been a total ban on the sale, distribution and release of any type of balloon (Chinese lantern style or regular balloons) into the air on the night of Saturday 21st July in light of the potential damage that can be caused not only to the surrounding countryside in the form of fires but for the environment and oceans as well.

We thank the Manilva council for their continued efforts in considering our impact on the environment, and wish everyone a great evening on Saturday. Remember to dispose of your rubbish properly and cut out the use of single-use plastic wherever you can. The sea birds and dolphins will thank you!

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