Meeting with ACOSOL, our local water board, Marbella, Apr 2018

meeting with Acosol, waterboard

This month, April 2018, Steph and Sarah attended a meeting with Manilva Councillor for the Environment, Dean Tyler Shelton at the ACOSOL office in Marbella to discuss the water supply and sanitation in Manilva. There we met the CEO, Manuel Cardeña.

Topics discussed included: The responsible consumption of water, the promotion of their use of recycled water for cleaning and golf course irrigation, the exceptional quality of the water (among the ten best in the country), and the problems arising from blockages and damage caused by the incorrect disposal of baby wipes and other similar products down the toilet, which currently costs the water board €600,000 per year.

Another topic discussed was the taste of the water. It has been proposed that a tasting session will soon be carried out at the Acosol supply point. We'll bring you further news on that as we have it.

Acosol logo Also discussed was the recent start of the renovation, improvement and expansion project of the supply service in Manilva, which will involve the expansion and adaptation of the current supply system in the Manilva area. Works were signed off in March this year and are due to be completed in 6-8 months time. An investment of €1,115,990.38 has been awarded the project and it is thought that there is a good chance that the completed works could result in better tasting water.

Our intentions for attending the meeting were based on wanting to understand more about the water quality and what is being done to improve water efficiency so we can share the information and knowledge to members of the public in our local area. We're pleased with how the meeting went. Look out for our next blog post in which we will expand on the issues discussed.

  • Well done Manilva.👍

    Mary O’Regan.

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