Solid shampoos and how to use them

How to use solid shampoos

I've been using solid shampoo since December  2017 and now I will never go back. It's already such a great feeling knowing I have prevented several plastic bottles going to landfill. Sometimes we think that our small actions will not make enough difference, but, collectively they will.

Here's the sum I go by: Let's say you know 50 people and they are all going to stop using bottled shampoo for the rest of their lives. Give or take some difference in their ages, it's going to add up to roughly 360 bottles per person which makes at least 18,000 bottles - and that's not counting conditioner. So if all those people then know others who might be willing to give up bottled shampoo, the ripple effect continues and fewer bottles end up in landfill. Hooray.

Another huge advantage of using natural solid shampoo bars is that you eliminate the use of some harsh detergents and chemical additives (such as sodium lauryl sulphate and 1,4 dioxane etc.) which are well-reported to be particularly bad for you and are found in so many personal care products. And yet another good reason to switch is that many of the big brands test on animals, which we're not very fond of at Eco Passion.

But, what's it really like?
Is it as good as bottled shampoo or expensive brands you may struggle to part with? In my opinion, I'd say it's just different and so an adjustment needs to be made in your expectations and also how you may manage your hair as a result. It also, of course, depends quite a lot on your hair type.

My hair is long and typically tends to have greasy roots and dry ends. I tried a few different brands including Bio Nature which you can buy from Carrefour, but at Eco Passion we have settled on shampoo bars that are handmade in London and are 100% natural, vegan and not tested on animals. They come in a variety of types which suit a variety of hair types - you can read the descriptions for more information.

solid shampoo amla and coconut milk

There is a bit of a knack to using them as well.
Before I switched I read a few articles on how to get the best results so I will share my learnings here:

- First of all, make sure your hair is very thoroughly wet through
- Then take the shampoo bar and wet it like a normal soap
- Then rub the shampoo block around the edges of your hairline and, for long hair, divide your hair down the centre or in three sections and rub onto scalp
- From here you can pop the shampoo down and get your fingers to work on your scalp and give yourself a nice massage while generating a good lather. I also add a good couple of handfuls of extra water at this point
- This method produces a surprising amount of lather so you can use less or more shampoo according to your preference
- Do make sure you rinse thoroughly with plenty of water
- Hair will feel squeaky clean once you have rinsed all the lather off

What about conditioner you ask?
I use our conditioner for normal hair - chosen for the reason that as I have greasy roots and dry ends I wanted to pitch somewhere in the middle. I find it works really well together with the shampoo and can prevent that waxy feel that the solid shampoos can leave you with when you're either in the transition period or have been using them a while and in need of a deeper rinse.

With bottled shampoo I used to need conditioner every day, but with the solid conditioner bar I only need to use it every few days. If I put on too much then it keeps an almost "wet look" on the heavier, thicker part at the back of my hair. If you have frizz or curls that need taming then this would work very well.

If you have any suggestions, tips or experience with solid shampoos, conditioners or plastic-free alternatives then please comment below. And to buy our solid shampoos, you can find them here.

  • Lately I have found that my scalp and neck have been dry and irritated using my normal shampoo and conditioner. Because of this I have tried a variety of treatments including coal tar shampoo and dry skin creams with no effect. This combined with a desire to cut down my use of plastic meant I gave the shampoo bar a try. It also took me a while to get the hang of it as I have long, thick hair, but I also find that rubbing the bar directly on my head works really well and you get plenty of lather. I found straight away that the days I used just the shampoo bar, the irritation on my scalp stopped instantly! My hair feels very clean, but is hard to handle without conditioner. A little Argan oil rubbed through after towel drying allows me to get a brush through it easily but as it’s still hard to style I have been wearing my hair up on days I use the shampoo. Overall I’m really pleased with the shampoo bar don’t want to go back to the plastic bottles!


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