Apricot Kernal Solid Shampoo (120g bar)
Solid shampoo, champú sólido, Apricot kernal

Apricot Kernal Solid Shampoo (120g bar)

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This solid shampoo bar smells divine and is made with 100% natural ingredients. It's not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans. The natural apricot kernal oil as well as shea butter and coco butter will leave your hair wonderfully smooth. The castor oil can also help prevent dry skin and scalp as well as thicken hair and promote hair growth.

Lather up as normal soap and apply like shampoo or massage a little into your scalp to lather up. You can also use it on the rest of your body as normal soap. Keep the shampoo bar dry after use to help it last longer.

Many people say once they are used to solid shampoo bars, they would never switch back to using liquid shampoo. Make the change today and reduce your use of plastic bottles. #changetoeco