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We set up Eco Passion because we want to make a difference to the future of our planet. We want to reduce the use of plastic, minimise waste and encourage others to make changes to their daily habits.

Our mission is to improve access to and awareness of eco-friendly products especially in our local area of southern Spain.

We invite you to start your eco-journey with us…

Eco products for plastic-free living


We have hand-picked our range environmentally friendly products from ethical sources and many of the products we offer are made and distributed within Europe, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. We aim to use certified organic, fair trade, vegan, sustainable and handmade products where possible. We are also working in our local area toward improving recycling facilities and raising awareness on the importance of environmental issues.

We welcome all ideas and suggestions and will personally respond to every enquiry, so feel free to get in touch with us today.

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