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About Us


OTWO are proud to have acquired EcoPassion from Sarah and Steph to continue to share with you a variety of hand-picked eco-friendly products to help protect this earth which we all love. These lovely ladies dedicated much time and effort to researching and hand-picking eco-friendly products which best helped our mission for a cleaner planet.

We at OTWO share the passionate drive to reduce waste, reduce plastic in oceans, increase awareness of environmental issues, and above all offer zero waste and plastic-free alternatives to daily products that many don’t think to question. We are constantly growing and researching new zero waste products daily, so please feel free to get in touch with any ideas or suggestions of products you would like to see available.

Join us on our eco journey and make small changes in your daily life which will positively impact the environment and our planet both now and for future generations.

EcoPassion will now become our brand, one that guarantees that together we can make meaningful improvements to our environment and one that will be uncompromising in the delivery of our mission to help us all take better care of our planet.

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