Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find all the answers to the questions we get asked most often when buying or using our products. If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us!

Using solid shampoo for the first time can be a little daunting, so we have written a couple of blog posts that should help, which you can find here:  


Our packs of soya wax wraps come in 3 sizes and can be used for a variety of things. The smallest one can be used for covering the ends of veg like cucumber or onions, where you may have used cling film before. The medium one is a great size for blocks of cheese. Get the cheese out of the sweaty plastic wrapper (or better still buy it with no wrapper from a deli counter!) and wrap in the wax wrap to maintain freshness without sweating. The large one is great for wrapping sandwiches or rolls for your packed lunch or picnics, or larger items like melon or to cover bowls. 

Simply choose your wrap and item and fold the wrap around it. Hold it tightly in your hands and allow the heat from your hands to seal the wax. The wax will become tacky and stick to itself, forming a seal around your items. 

These are only a few examples of the many uses of our vegan wax wraps. Wash them in cool soapy water and leave to dry or gently pat dry and remember not to use in the microwave or dishwasher! 

Once they reach the end of their life you can cut the soya wax wraps into small pieces and compost them. If you need to reapply the wax, contact us for more info. 

Our bamboo toothbrushes have very strong bristles and can last at least 6 months, depending on use. Dentists usually recommend you change your toothbrush every 3 months and we have found they can easily last three months, even for children. The handles are also strong and will last very well if you ensure they don’t stand in water. They need to be able to dry out between use.

The bristles on our bamboo toothbrushes are biobased and the material is obtained from castor oil. The oil derived from the plant ricinus communis is processed into our biobased bristles and is free of BPA and petroleum. They are not biodegradable nor currently recycleable so need to be discarded separately from the bamboo handle (which can go into organic waste bins if you have them).

The manufacturer of the toothbrushes we sell, Hydrophil, is commited to sustainability and having minimal impact on our environment as well as a positive impact on the people within in. Whenever possible they try to use resources which don’t endanger ground or drinking water and don’t require artificial irrigationThat way they can significantly reduce water consumption and make people aware of it = water neutralThe paints on the handles are also chemical-free and produced without mineral oils, making them more environmentally friendly. In order to have a positive influence on our world, Hydrophil products don’t contain animal products and are not tested on animals. They also believe that fair work deserves a fair reward and so they keep a personal eye on ensuring their products are produced fairly. 

Our 500ml Qwetch reusable stainless steel double walled thermos bottles will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.  

Due to simple physics, the smaller 260ml bottles can’t maintain temperatures for as long as the larger bottles so the manufacturer advises that cold drinks will stay cold up to 12 hours and hot drinks up to 6 hours. Still very useful we think! 

We also offer a single wall stainless steel reusable bottle which is smaller and lighter than the thermos, for those who don’t need to maintain drinks hot or cold. However, if you were to pop a couple of ice cubes into your cold drink, you’ll find the stainless steel bottle will keep your drinks cool for much longer than a plastic alternative.