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Dish brush replacement head


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When your original dish washing brush head comes to the end of its life, you can conveniently take the head off and replace it with this one. The durable beechwood handle will keep serving you while you replace the heads when you need to. It depends how dirty your pots and pans are!

As the bristles are made from plant fibre, they are perfectly compostable at home, and even if you don’t have a composter at home, you can still put them on your garden or terrace knowing they will completely biodegrade over time with no harm to the environment.

A perfect replacement to plastic handles and nylon bristles for your eco friendly kitchen. They also work amazingly well with our solid dish washing soap. Try it today!

(1 brush head = 2€)

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Weight 0,04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 cm
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