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Luffa dish washing pad


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We are very excited to add this Spanish cultivated luffa (or loofah) plastic free dish washing pad to our collection. Made in Spain and shaped to the ideal size for washing dishes, it also has a hoop so you can hang it up to dry when not in use. Once it does reach the end of its life, you can cut it up and add it to your home compost or garden where it will completely biodegrade leaving no impact on the environment.

The luffa dish washing pad is durable and strong but will not damage delicate surfaces so you can use it on everything from glass to stainless steel. It works perfectly with our natural solid dishwashing soap bar. You can also use it as a cleaning pad for your bathroom or any other household surfaces too! We absolutely love this plastic-free and eco friendly solution to washing dishes and hope you will too.

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Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm
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