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Natural deodorant, 60g cardboard tube – Persian Lime


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This plastic-free, natural deodorant balm comes in a cardboard tube for easy application. It is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, aluminium free, plastic free, 100% natural and handmade in Germany. Each sale also supports environmental organisation One Earth-One Ocean.

You can apply the deodorant by pushing the base of the tube up with your thumb and then rubbing a small amount onto your armpit.

In cooler climates, holding the tube to your armpit for a couple of seconds allows the warmth from your armpit to soften the deodorant for easier application. In very hot climates you can store the deodorant in the fridge, and generally it’s best kept in a cool, dark place.

The antibacterial properties will fight odor while allowing your skin to breathe naturally. It never feels greasy or sticky and the fragrance is divine. It makes the perfect addition to your plastic-free bathroom.

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