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Organic Edible Straw (Sorbos)


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Discover the innovative Sorbos edible straws, the perfect choice for a more sustainable world. Each Sorbos straw is:

  • Edible and Biodegradable: Designed to be bitten, eaten, and enjoyed, while also being environmentally conscious.
  • Without Plastics or Allergens (soy, gluten, lactose, GMO).
  • No Flavor or Color Transfer: Enjoy your beverage without worrying about the straw affecting its taste or color.
  • Available Flavors: We offer the ‘Neutral’ flavor, which, believe it or not, suits everything and has a mild taste that everyone enjoys.
  • Measurement: Each straw is 19 cm long.

Join the movement and savor your drinks in a more sustainable way!


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