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Reusable food wraps, soya wax, pack of 3 sizes


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These reusable food wraps are made in Wales using sustainably sourced cotton, covered in soya wax making them 100% vegan and of course they are completely plastic-free. They help keep food fresh by allowing to breathe naturally without drying out, and you avoid the toxins or microplastics associated with using plastic containers or film. Now is the time to say goodbye to cling film or plastic wrap in your kitchen.

They come in a pack of three to include these sizes:
1 x 30x30cm
1 x 25x25cm
1 x 18x22cm

So you have a size for each eventuality. They can be used to cover bowls of food, or wrap your cheeses, or even as sandwich wraps for those daily packed lunches. We have 4 designs to choose from as well so simply pick your favourite and look out for new designs.

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Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 2 cm

Leafy, Floral, Rainbows, Animals

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