About Us


pineapple on beach with eco passion logo courtesy of Pineapple Supply Co.

We are two friends (and neighbours!) with one central passion: making a difference to the future of our planet and the environment. We are both driven to make plastic-free and eco-friendly products more accessible in Spain.

Oh, and Steph loves pineapples!

We come from a marketing and travel background and bring our skills together with a passionate drive to reduce waste, reduce plastic in the ocean, increase awareness of environmental issues both locally and on a larger scale, and offer eco alternatives to daily products that many don't think to question.

We have spent time researching and hand-picking the products that we feel best represent our mission for a cleaner planet. We are still researching and choosing new eco products daily so please feel free to get in touch with any ideas or suggestions of products you would like to see available.

Join us on our eco journey and make small changes in your daily life which will positively impact the environment and our planet both now and for future generations.

Sarah & Steph