cepillo de dientes de bambu para ninos, azul

Childrens' Bamboo toothbrush, blue

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These bamboo toothbrushes will ensure that you never have to use a plastic toothbrush again. They are comfortable to hold with a rounded bamboo handle and  blue painted end and white bristles which will look stylish in any plastic-free bathroom. Bristles are medium to soft and perfect from age 3 years upwards. The handles are made from fast-growing sustainable bamboo and are fully biodegradable The bristles are made from petroleum-free renewable raw materials (castor oil) which is the most eco-friendly substance that the manufacturer can currently use..

Starting your children out on bamboo toothbrushes will make a huge impact on reducing the amount of plastic they throw away in their lifetime, and at the same time gives you an opportunity to teach them about looking after the ocean and our planet. We love talking about saving marine life in our bathroom at bedtime.